Monday, January 28, 2008

Intrade and Zogby end in a draw for the SC Democratic primary


Wins Losses Ties Pct Contender

2 2 4 0.500 Intrade
2 2 4 0.500 Zogby


Score Date
State Party Intrade Zogby Winner

2-2-4 26-Jan
SC Dem Obama Obama Obama
2-2-3 19-Jan
SC Rep McCain McCain McCain
2-2-2 19-Jan
NV Dem Obama Clinton Clinton
2-1-2 15-Jan
MI Rep McCain 2-way tie Romney
2-0-2 8-Jan
NH Dem Obama Obama Clinton
2-0-1 8-Jan
NH Rep McCain McCain McCain
2-0-0 3-Jan
IA Dem Obama 3-way tie Obama
1-0-0 3-Jan
IA Rep Huckabee 2-way tie Huckabee

The election eve prediction was posted here.

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