Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bill Simmons and the Power of Four

He believes:
When you add a fifth person to a four-man studio show, and you're not getting rid of any of the other four people, by my calculations, that's too many people. Think of it as the power of four. Unless you're putting together a poker night or a group to play pickup hoops, in nearly every other conceivable scenario, you're better off with four people than five or more. Dinner always works better. Vegas works better. Cabs work better. Sporting events work better. Road trips work better. Local newscasts and morning shows work better. Rock bands work better. The most successful sitcom ever ("Seinfeld") centered around four friends, and the most popular female comedy series ("Sex and the City") did the same. If you keep the number at four, you'll always have enough people to make it interesting and everybody has a chance to shine.
Let's not forget those apocalyptic horses. I also agree with Bill that James "JB" Brown is the best NFL show host today.

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