Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Raj Rajaratnam guilty on all accounts

CNBC is reporting right now.

Getting the cheaters out of the game is good for humble folks like me, who are seeking returns honestly. Sort of like getting the juicers and dopers out of sports.

Photo link here.

UPDATE: Joe Posnanski thinks steroids are out of baseball. Hmph, rats fly. (In my neighborhood, we call 'em pigeons).


  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Senators, who actually make many financial policies are allowed to invest. Thats WORSE then insider trading. Maybe getting the crooks in the White House is what we need to do more then go after people like Martha Stewart.

  2. Anonymous7:37 AM

    They're all the same and think they're better than the rest of us to get away with inside trading among other criminal activities that they've gotten away with for years- like tax fraud and tax evasion. They're all crooks including good old Martha who deserved more jail time. Just because of her celebrity status she got off easy. Any regular person would have gotten a longer sentence. Lock them all up and throw away the key including the crooks in the White House.