Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The 1985 Superbowl Patriots see themselves in the 2007 Superbowl Giants

reports Nick Carfado:

It was long ago, but Steve Grogan, Pete Brock, and Steve Nelson can't help but see the spitting image of the 1985 Patriots in this season's New York Giants.

"There are certainly a lot of things that are similar," said Brock, who was the center on a very good offensive line in '85. "Having to win three playoff games on the road against all odds, to being given no chance to win the AFC Championship - us against the Dolphins and the Giants against the Packers - and now heading into a Super Bowl against a juggernaut like the Patriots. Back then, we were off to face the Bears, who were truly an incredible football team."

The '85 Patriots won three of their last four regular-season games to finish 11-5, tied for second with the Jets in the AFC East and good enough for a wild-card playoff berth. They beat the Jets, Raiders, and the AFC East champion Dolphins on the road in the postseason.

Likewise, the Giants beat Tampa Bay, Dallas, and Green Bay on the road in the playoffs. In fact, they have won 10 consecutive games on the road.

Few gave the Patriots a chance against Miami in the AFC Championship - the Fish hadn't lost to the Patriots at the Orange Bowl since 1966 - but the 31-14 victory culminated an improbable year for coach Raymond Berry's squad.

"The Miami game was so emotional," said Brock. "It broke a 19-year losing streak at the Orange Bowl. It's not an excuse for why we lost so badly [in the Super Bowl], just an explanation. Maybe it'll be the same thing for the Giants, who will have come off an emotional overtime win in frigid weather at Lambeau Field, the same way nobody gave us a chance."

Let's hope The '85 Pats are right, although I have a lot of respect for this Giants team. They almost won their last regular season game against the Patriots. I drafted Eli Manning to be my fantasy QB before Labor Day when none of the Giants fans in the league wouldn't touch him, and wanted Coughlin out. No Giant fan was thinking playoffs, even as late as Thanksgiving. Just a lot of grumbling every time I brought the team up and said how good they were looking.

So this boy from New England was the biggest Giants believer and booster in NY that I've met in NYC.

Until the conference championship games this past Sunday.


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