Thursday, November 09, 2006

Some additional thoughts for Chris and my esteemed readers

I have had the benefit of sleeping on Chris' letter, and in terms of expressing my own view on what makes for good government, I would say the following 4 attributes:

1. pro-freedom, pro-family: individuals should be allowed to express their personal preferences and advocate for their children and parents

2. pro-market: individuals should be allowed to allocate their resources without barriers

3. pro-property: individuals should be able to transact with counterparties with effective enforcement of contracts

4. pro-stabilization: individuals should be protected from the threats of having their freedom, markets, and property unjustly taken away from them

Most partisan candidates tend to be pro-freedom at the expense of being pro-market, or vice versa. Libertarian sentiment emphasizes the first two, but is mostly silent on the role of government when it comes to property rights and defense. Here's hoping that we see more candidates who can advocate for all of the abovementioned points. Unfortuantely, I did not see any on my ballot in this past Tuesday's elections.

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