Sunday, November 19, 2006

Brandon Lang's 75 Dimer

Since I haven't been doing much, and other have been saying I should give it up. I thought I might as well post another handicappers pick. This is from the great Brandon Lang and his insights of his picks. Bet wisely, I usually don't follow this guy, but maybe he's better luck than I am.

Denver Broncos
I dont get this line or why people really believe the Chargers are going to come in here and win this game. Not going to happen tonight.First of all, they are playing in a place they have lost 10 of their last 11 games including 6 in a row. I am talking about 6 in a row here folks.Secondly, they have a head coach who has lost 13 of his last 17 to the Denver Broncos. Not exactly confidence building numbers heading into this game tonight.Now, let me point out that with Merriman out of the lineup for the Chargers they have been torched for 25 points at home by Cleveland in a 32-25 failing to cover as a 13 point home favorite.Then last week, they travel all the way cross country and get in the highest scoring game of the year with the Bengals, coming from 28-7 down at the half to win 49-41 in a game that I got tired watching.Now they travel all the way back home only to go up to the altitude of Denver without their best defensive player against a team they just cant beat. I dont know about you but you couldnt ask for a better spot to hammer the Broncos.Now, I know Denver has struggled a bit offensively but if you really look a little closer you will see that not to be true. Let me take you to the numbers.They put up 31 at home against Indy and then go to Pittsburgh and get 31. Now just because they struggled last week in Oakland scoring 17 points, everyone thinks they are struggling. I give the Raiders 50 % credit for shutting down the Broncos and the other 50% to the Broncos being in a huge flat spot off the Colts and Steelers games.Let me also point out the Raiders have the 2nd rated pass defense in the NFL and 9th ranked defense overall. Just because they have no offense, people lose sight of just how good the Raiders are playing defensively all year.Denver will be refreshed tonight, playing at home, versus a defense that in their last 5 games has given up 19 to the Niners on the road, 30 on the road to the Chiefs, 24 at home to the Rams, 25 at home to the Browns and 41 on the road at Cincinnati. Do you have confidence in this Chargers defense, on the road again, without their best defensive player, to stop this Denver team and Mike Shanahan? I know I dont and I will force them to step up and do just that. My money says they cant and the Broncos are a huge play for me today.
75 Dime Winner Denver

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