Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"The Dems are coming… the Dems are coming!"

Well a lot has taken place over the last 48 hours. The Democrats just took the Republicans behind the wood shed in the House, their about to take the Senate, and as I am writing this they apparently took out Rumsfeld. For what it is worth this is my analysis.

The Republicans had a lot of support from independent voters, and like all successful political parties had some help from multiple segments. Two main segments that have given the Republicans power have been the religious fundamentalists and the libertarians. The Republicans have failed both over the years, so the question is who will they court in the 08 run for the Presidency? Will they “stay the course” on the moral authority hypocritical high road, or will they steer the party in Reagan’s direction and relearn fiscal responsibility?

My guess is that based on McCain’s contract to win the primary that has just jumped nine points in half a day, the party will start to cater toward the libertarians. For that I am hopeful (the libertarian lean… not McCain which is a whole different subject). The though that five years from now the Democrats will have the means to instill their ideals on us scares me. Just think, five years from now Hillary could be signing a bill to provide national healthcare.

It also makes the Republican back dooring the gambling law that much more disturbing considering our government will get NOTHING done over the next two and a half years.

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