Saturday, November 18, 2006

PregameConsensus SWEEPS Daily Picks AGAIN!

Yesterday I posted 4 plays. And AGAIN the daily picks page SWEEPS the board for the 4th time this month. And a consensus record at 5-0 WOW! I'd like to thank the people that I have posted on the blog and to keep up the good work. Ronniedizel has a great pick today (is actually GOY#2), you can find it on my blog also, and other great picks for today.

Michigan @ Ohio St.

There's a berth in the BCS Title game at stake Saturday in Columbus, Ohio when the #2 Michigan Wolverines come calling on the #1 Ohio State Buckeyes. But this game might not settle the issue. If the game is close, a classic, an overtime thriller, then the call will go out for a rematch in the Championship Game. The call will be even louder if #2 Michigan earns a narrow victory: certainly the former #1 Buckeyes will demand and deserve a rematch. Of course, Ohio State isn't supposed to lose this one. Favored by seven points the 11-0 Buckeyes (8-2-1 ATS) are 4-1 vs. Michigan under coach Jim Tressel and are 4-2-1 straight-up (5-2 ATS) the last seven played at Columbus. But Michigan is also undefeated (11-0) and a fine spread team (6-4-1 ATS).

JEDI THOUGHTS: Troy Smith plays too good in big games. If Michigan can stop him with their great defense then it'll be tough. Considering Michigan's former coach just passing away, Michigan will play with HEART! Which can lead them to winning this game (would of been a major factor if they were playing at the big house rather than the horseshoe) But i'm still thinking 7 points is way to much for a great defensive game. DEFENSE WINS GAMES! But OHIO WILL STOMP ALL OVER E'M

Jedi Pick Of the Day: Ohio St. -7

There's a PREGAME STEAM pick today, which made my Pregame Consensus blog. They're going for another dent in the winning column. Check it out, you know where to find it.

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