Friday, November 17, 2006

Pittsburgh GETS WHOOPED!

As you guys should have already known, that Pitt couldn't play up against WV. They hung in there with e'm for awhile but couldn't even keep up within 11 points. If you guys have check out my other blog you know they those guys went 5-0 on consensus last night on the ohio/akron game. I did post that game late on that site, but I did post before game time. I didn't have much of a bad day last night, got my money back and more from the Ohio, Warriors game. And didn't do so great on Pitt here, so I'm releasing my GAME OF THE YEAR later this afternoon, this is going to be my biggest wager in NFL this season. I'll try to post it by this afternoon so the spread doesn't jump any higher. I'm a 100, 200 dollar bettor, and i'm layind down 3000 on this game. I've been watching this game for two weeks now. So come back later afternoon for my release.

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