Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Chris Masse, writes me an open letter

I must respond, as Chris is a good friend, and so I am doing so here and now.

Dear Chris:

I apologize for this delayed response to your letter. I regret not providing specific instructions on how the hundred or so readers of this four-month-old blog should vote in their respective districts, and the apparent confusion this may have caused some.

As I trust an unfettered pricing mechanism as a superior source of information, so I also trust a federalist two-party democracy as a superior form of national leadership transition.

In each case, it is the individual actor who must buy, sell, and vote. Aggregating the actions of all the actors together yields a better outcome than trying to identify a machiavellian proxy to make those buy/sell/vote decisions away from all the actors.

Hopefully, this blog has provided some limited examples of pro-information markets leaders (e.g. Barney Frank) as well as antagonists (John Kyl, scroll down) in its limited lifespan.

My blogging intent, as stated in the header above, is to increase trading liquidity at TS. I believe that increased liquidity in information futures trading will benefit our society, as better information leads to better decision making. The benefits will flow to individuals as well as cooperative groups.

And while I pursue this goal, I do not want to distort the market or election mechanisms. I concede that some actors will make better decisions than others, and in the end, worst case, we get what we deserve. While I can strenously express my own opinion, I welcome that all others do the same, and realize that changing perspectives requires persistence and patience. In sum: I did not see the benefit of categorizing democrats, republicans, libertarians (or FIELD) as worthy of voting for, or against.

Perhaps you could enlighten me as to the type of instructions that I was remiss to provide the esteemed (and realtively few) readers of the blog. Then I can improve, applying what I can learn from you towards our shared goals.

Thanks for speaking to me directly and candidly. I believe we can be stronger partners in the future by wrestling through the issue you have raised.

Sincerely, CB.

The letter states:

My Dear “Caveat Bettor”,

I appreciate your linking to our modest group blog, Midas Oracle. How kind of you. I’m humbled by your gesture.

That said, I asked you a specific question in my previous blog post:

- You urged your fellow TradeSports traders to go to the polling stations en masse (no pun intended) so as to protest the recent damn law and save TradeSports. I made the remark to you that DEMOCRATS, TOO, VOTED FOR THE DAMN LAW IN THE U.S. HOUSE. (In the U.S. Senate too, but there the law was packaged with a Port law.)

- So my question to you (if you don’t mind), my dear “Caveat Bettor”, is this: WHAT ARE YOUR VOTE INSTRUCTIONS, EXACTLY?

I would appreciate a precise answer to my specific question.

I thank you very much for your time and your attention.

(Please don’t hesitate to explain things in plain English. I’m a little bit dumb, as everybody knows on this blog.)

Signed: Chris Masse

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