Friday, August 18, 2006

Wisdom in a bronze star

Had a little chat with AlanBStard (a lowly bronze star status like myself so I have no inferiority complex when approaching him about a subject). We were in the pit and I asked him what he thought of the Lieberman contract. This was his response:

AlanBStard: Diem: Assuming the Democratic endorsements don't mean anything (and they probably won't) and the DNC is smart enough not to get involved (judging by Dean's statements, it isn't), I think Lieberman takes it and stays in the Democratic caucus.
AlanBStard: Lamont is doing a respectable job of repositioning himself, though.

I have to agree. Short of Lieberman taking one for the team that just stabbed him in the back and exiting the race I think he’s a sure thing. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but I do find a sick fascination with following this race (aside from my account balance… which isn’t sick, but a fascination of mine). I cant figure out the Democrats. Ever have the unfortunate task of explaining what a Democrat is to a foreigner? I have on multiple occasions and it doesn’t get any easier. But as far as the contract goes I only see it going toward Lieberman. Lamont spent all his resources just getting to this point, Lieberman knew he was in it till November. If I can figure out how to post this chart on this blog I will, but its trading in the mid 60’s now, only gonna go up.

As for baseball maybe Jake Peavy is the only guy in the world who pitches worse when he can’t see. Maybe he should start pitching like Uggy Urbina. For those of you unfamiliar with the machete yielding middle man’s mechanics (say that ten times) he would stare at third base until he released the ball. I try to imagine what it would be like to be a right hander facing a guy that’s about to throw a mid 90’s fast ball without even looking at his target before he throws it and I crawl up in the fetal position. Apparently that’s what Peavy needs, he should wear one of those blast shields in Star Wars and trust the force every time he takes the mound.The point? There is something wrong with Peavy, and it is not his eyes. But I still stand by my Card’s comments. Play the over in the Red Sox double header, both bull pens are gonna be depleted and someone is gonna be left to take one for the team.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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