Thursday, August 17, 2006

Have a safe trip Caveat

Cav, as you read this in your Starbucks Cafe, we can tell you that we miss you already. But your mission of doing research on the strange poeple of Canada is a noble one, for as the famous P.J. O'Rourke once said, “Very little is known of the Canadian country since it is rarely visited by anyone but the Queen and illiterate sport fishermen.” (no offence to illiterate sport fishermen… why I would be apologizing to an illiterate on a blog I don’t know) Enough about Cav’s travel plans, on to some potential inefficiencies.

It turns out Jake Peavy is legally blind without his contact lenses, which he has been without this year until today. Could there be something here? Then again I remember saying the same thing after reading a Peter Gammons article (hope he is doing better) where he talked about how Peavy had a detached retina in his eye that was fixed right before the season began. Is there value in the SD game? I hope not, I have Cain on my fantasy team (and I need wins... then again who doesnt at this time of year in fantasyland).

The St. Louis Cardinals are having big problems. It blows my mind how the contract to win the division remains so high. Granted the Reds who trail them are only 1 ½ games are not a good team. But the Cards don’t impress me. Take away Carpender and Pujols and they are a bad team. It is scary to think that if the Cards were in the AL they would have the SEVENTH best record (behind the Blue Jays). In fact they would be worse then that since they would have to play stiffer competition. But they are not in the AL, they are in the minor leagues of the major leagues… the NL Central. Bad divisions = uncertainly = high variance. There is no way they should be trading in the 70’s. (I would post the chart and compare it to some of the NL West teams to compare but I am relatively new to this… in due time) I am not saying they are not going to win the division, I am saying that their odds are less then 70% to win it.

Take care all

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