Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Inefficiency vs. Personal Bias

Looking past BannedChatter’s selfish promotion for his new site in the latest comment (at least comment on my article!) I decided to take quick look at his site. Aside from the appealing photos (adults only) there wasn’t much other then personal opinions. It got me thinking of the key to successful sports gambling. In my opinion the key is the recognition between market inefficiencies and any personal bias we carry over every time we watch a game. Run differentials are about as sophisticated as BCLI gets. So why should we take this into consideration, and how much confidence do we have in it as a parameter? What kind of betting strategy is there for us with this information? How do we process it?

On to other items:
The Ted Lilly confrontation is interesting for alot of reasons. If this is in fact the “sinking ship” that Shea Hillenbrand subtly suggested on the Jay’s chalk board it appears as though the captain just bailed (or at least got cabin fever and lost it). Maybe there’s value in the under for the total wins contract.

There was a lot of activity yesterday in the Democratic Primary contracts. I wonder if anything happened that slipped under my radar. Our favorite '>Ex-first lady seems to be taking the worst of it as her contract to win the primary has fallen about 10 points over the last month or so. Is there a connection to Lieberman (and his similar pro-war vote)? If this is the case, why all the activity yesterday? (I tried again to post this chart and this link was the best I could do. If anyone knows how to do this please give me a heads up)

On the Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey front, here is some harsh criticism. Now, I normally don’t take these things personally, but as my wife and I have been trying to have kids for quite some time this type of thing is disturbing.

Glad to see Verlander is back, a healthy Verlander is all Detroit need (in addition to what they already have) to carry the AL Central division (and win that contract). Now the big question is what to do when Maroth comes back?

Thats all for now. Take care all.

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