Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another A-Rod Point of View (with the same conclusion)

So, Torre decides to bat “E”-Rod (22 errors to date, tied for the ML lead… but that’s a different story) in the five hole in yesterday’s first game of a double header. I saw this and took the opportunity to do some analysis of every five hole hitter in the big leagues. Keep in mind I began the data collection once I noticed his hitting slot (game 1) so some of the info comes from games two days ago (blogging doesn’t pay what it seems, so time constraints limit the analysis). Salaries were collected from CBS Sportsline, and some players had missing values (Choo, LaRoche, Luke Scott, Bill Hall) so I inputed the league minimum.

Some quick number crunching says that Arod has batted 16% of his AB’s in the five hole playing 19 games there.

Some interesting Arod info:
Arod makes $25,680,727
Next highest (almost half) is Sexson at $13,000,000
Total 5 hole hitters salaries at $107,766,442
Average 5 hole hitters (with Arod) is $3,592,214
Average 5 hole hitters (with out Arod) is $2,830,541
Arod makes 9.07 times as much as the average 5 hole hitter (with out Arod)
Though Arod consists of about 3% of the 5 hole hitters he makes about 24% of their salaries.

Other observations:

Overpaid is Sexson (see above) and Burrell at $9,750,000
Some best values: Wright ($374,000), and Morneau ($385,000)

This once again reinforces the Moneyball philosophy of not being afraid to play the young guys, and doesn’t even take into consideration Arod’s defense (or lack there of).

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