Monday, August 14, 2006

We are shaking the tree

Jacqueline Passey is back in the market, after breaking up with her professional poker playing boyfriend recently. I am not sure whether to add her to Friends of TS, but she had a great debate with Greg Mankiw on how poker playing is not as bad as he thinks. (via Marginal Revolution).

I think she is worthy of some dating investment from TS members, although few of us might actually be worthy or single. Or both. Personally, her expressed desire for a man who is an athiest disqualfies me. And turns me off, even with that disarming smile.

Here is an initial litmus test: if you didn't read through the first link in its entirety, you probably won't be able to get on the basepath, nevermind getting to first base.

P.S. Here is this blog's first post on Mankiw's anti-gambling sentiment. Mankiw was nice enough to explain to us in email that he is not in favor of prohibiting internet gambling; he is just trying to shame people out of doing it.

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