Tuesday, September 19, 2006

NFL Week 3 Analysis - Pick 6

The games (below) are the only games i'll be keeping track of. Please Come back for my Monday night pick posted on Monday afternoon.

*Cincinnatti @ Pittsburgh - Jedi Pick: OVER 41.5
Cincinnati: 9-1 ATS away off a straight up win
Pittsburgh: 8-0 Over as a home favorite
JEDI THOUGHTS: This is a tought one too, but I love how Cincinnatti is playing, and they are my pick for the Super Bowl, so I'm taking Cincinnatti, and plus it's only -2.5 again. But be careful Pittsburgh is bound to bounce back soon. Just play the OVER, it's more safe.

*Jacksonville @ Indianapolis - Jedi Pick: Indianapolis -6.5
Jacksonville: 12-4 Under in dome stadiums
Indianapolis: 14-5 ATS off BB ATS wins as favorites
JEDI THOUGHTS: Jacksonville didn't look that good, they were struggling to score against Pittsburgh, and Pitt wasn't even playing a good defensive game. Even if the Jags can play good defense this week, look for Peyton Manning to kill e'm in the air.

*Tennessee @ Miami - Jedi Pick: Tennessee +10.5
Tennessee: 12-2 Over off BB losses
Miami: 1-7 ATS as a home favorite
JEDI THOUGHTS: What is going on with Miami? first I thought that they were an OK team because they played an OK game against Pittsburgh, then I figured they can't even beat Buffalo, after I called them a FLUKE? I think Miami is the fluke here. Watch Miami as they continue to struggle EVEN AT HOME.

*Chicago @ Minnesota - Jedi Pick: Chicago - 3.5
Chicago: 8-1 Under away off a home game
Minnesota: 18-6 ATS as a home underdog
JEDI THOUGHTS: Hah, Minnesota 2-0, Well better be ready for this tought, and I mean TOUGH defensive team, Minnesota won't stand a chance with these Bears. Minnesota wins both games by game winning field goal? Hah, they shouldn't of won against Carolina if it wasn't for that lateral mistake. I'd like to see Minnesota score more than 14points this game. Good Luck Minnesota in trying to come up with a win against these Bears.

*Baltimore @ Cleveland - Jedi Pick: Cleveland +6.5
Baltimore: 10-2 Under away vs. conference opponents
Cleveland: 13-5 Under in home games
JEDI THOUGHTS: Baltimore not so impressive especially when playing those Raiders, well don't get me wrong their defense is not that bad. But remember Cleveland is still also hungry for their first win and they did have a tought game against Cincinnatti last week. Look for Cleveland to beat them in the air. Ray Lewis and Baltimore will stop Cleveland's ground game. But also look for this game to be under, if Cleveland can't move the ball through the air.

*Philadelphia @ San Francisco - Jedi Pick: San Francisco +6.5
Philadelphia: 11-3 Under off an Over
San Francisco: 22-10 ATS after allowing 400+ total yards
JEDI THOUGHTS: WOW! San Francisco impressed me last week, great game. This is the only game I like as an upset. Alex Smith is finally found some kind of rhythm, it took him a little more than a year to find it, so I doubt he'll just blow it in this game, plus they're at home. While Philadelphia is still trying to recooperate after that BIG loss last week. (IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS.)


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