Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Branch has broken

Deion Branch got an offer he couldn't refuse from the Seahawks, and understandably took it. Darrell Jackson is bitter, but Seahawks fans should be optimistic, given their banged up patchwork reciever corps. And Pats fans should be soberminded, as the passing attack will be limited over previous years. But with the improved running game, I am still thinking the Pats can go 11-5.

My sympathies to all you guys who drafted Brady after Peyton was gone in your fantasy leagues. Hopefully you've got a good running game, too.

The New England beat writers have been pretty downbeat on how this turned out, but they felt the same way about Drew Bledsoe and Lawyer Milloy. Yes, losing both Branch and David Givens is rain on the road to another Superbowl, but I think that committing $30+ million to a single receiver will make the work of replenishing aging linebackers and Rodney Harrison that much harder. And Pioli/Belichick did pickup the highly rated Chad Jackson, his hammy (and/or slow grasp of the complex Weis offense) notwithstanding, which shows that they were working to improve passing productivity.

Farewell Deion, and thanks for the memories.

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