Thursday, September 14, 2006

NFL Week 2 Analysis

We're now in week two of the NFL. It was a pretty damn tough week one, and i'm pretty sure week two will be twice as hard. But here's my picks and analysis for the week. Check out my blog for all Sunday's game analysis. The games (below) are the only games i'll be keeping track of. Please Come back for my Monday night pick posted on Monday afternoon.

*Carolina @ Minnesota - Jedi Pick: Carolina - 2.5
Carolina: 7-0 ATS away off a loss as a favorite
Minnesota: 8-1 Under at home off an ATS win
JEDI THOUGHTS: Carolina - 2.5? Are you kidding me? Hah. Carolina will win, they have to find their game fast, before it's too late.
*Giants @ Philadelphia - Jedi Pick: Giants +3.5
NY Giants: 17-7 ATS after gaining 400+ total yards
Philadelphia: 16-6 Under as a favorite
JEDI THOUGHTS: Giants played a good game last week, just that Eli was a little tense, plus big brother is just too much for him. Also remember Philidelphia was only playing Houston Texans! Watch Giants come back with a major win.
*TampaBay @ Atlanta - Jedi Pick: TampaBay +5.5
Tampa Bay: 24-4 Under first two weeks of the season
Atlanta: 0-7 ATS off a win by 14+ points
JEDI THOUGHTS: Gruden won't let his team fall 0-2. TampaBay will come back with a fight.
*New Orleans @ GreenBay - Jedi Pick: New Orleans -1.5
New Orleans: 2-9 ATS vs. conference opponents
Green Bay: 30-14 Over after scoring 14 points or less
JEDI THOUGHTS: Seems like Saints found a little something something, and still don't think GreenBay has anything even at home.
*New England @ NY Jets - Jedi Pick: New England - 6.5
New England: 6-1 Over off a win by 6 points or less
NY Jets: 6-17 ATS at home in September
JEDI THOUGHTS: Jets win two in a row? Yea, maybe against Texans. Jets will fall apart after they see this New England team.
*Washington @ Dallas - Jedi Pick : Washington +5.5
Washington: 14-2 Under off an ATS loss
Dallas: 10-4 ATS at home vs. Washington
JEDI THOUGHTS: Both coming off a loss, and looking for their first win, but I think it comes down to who wants it more, WASHINGTON! will win while Parcells figures out what he's going to do with his team.

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