Thursday, September 07, 2006


Back to my flirtation with the ACLU. My email to the ACLU follows:

"I was wondering where the ACLU stood on the proposed gambling bill that would prohibit American citizens from using internet gambling sites but allow state owned monopoly gambling venues such as the lottery and horse racing. If the ACLU is against this bill then how would they fight against it? Thanks for your time, Diem"

Their response was:

"Dear Friend,
Thank you for contacting the ACLU. Our web site has a search feature located at the top of the home page. By typing in a search request, you should find the latest news, court briefings and archival information on this topic.

If you are not already an ACLU member, we encourage you to help support our aggressive work on the issues you care about. To join please visit or call 1-888-567-ACLU.
Sincerely,D. BarberCorrespondence Manager, American Civil Liberties Union"

The search for “gambling bill” did not result in the inteded results. About the only thing I could find in this search was a reference to some sort of a “Gang Bill” that would include gambling offenses (presumably from illegal bookies?). This is obviously not what I was looking for.

As stated in an earlier blog I stand for the ideals that are the foundation of the ACLU. In fact I think most Americans do. On the other hand I unfortunately see them as a liberal organization whose tool is the court in the US justice system, not the court of public opinion.

In related news, the thread Cav posted earlier has Kyle1111 bringing this article to our attention. This is a very interesting article worth reading and thinking about.

By the way Kyle1111 I could not disagree more with your earlier post on September 1st that the maximize liquidity we TS should in effect tax US customers. In fact few things would hurt liquidity more then that.

Thats all for now, take care all

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