Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mankiw weighs in on "gambling"

He's against it.

Greg Mankiw is the ultimate confluence of SMART, NICE and RESPONSIBLE. And he looks a little like this guy without his glasses?

But I suspect that he will not be making this little blog's Friends Of Tradesports list anytime soon, at least not until the Libertarian and Utilitarian voices bring the Moralist in him back to equilibrium.

Hmmm, I free associate equilibrium with, um, the unfettered price mechanism. Maybe the behavioral guys at UChicago could design an experiment for the voices in his head ... the voices in my head are arguing over beer and pretzels (so I'm in the control group).

And at TS, we're not all gamblers. (via MarginalRevolution)

UPDATE: Welcome, readers of Greg Mankiw's Blog. As a regular reader of Dr. Mankiw, I appreciate his link, and I hope that you find something here of value to you, perhaps when it comes to the predictive information markets, the processes of Tradesports markets, and/or glimpsing some of the market players

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