Thursday, July 27, 2006

Don Luskin is catching up on the North Korean contract

Unfortunately, he doesn't quite match the level of due diligence in his successful fiskings of Paul Krugman and the NY Times. Luskin says that, if needing to choose between the letter or the spirit of the contract, choose the spirit. But there is another complication, namely whether any of the missiles actually left NK airspace. If only he had read my post, from a couple of weeks ago.

My hindsight view is that the contract should have been just missile test, without any airspace condition. Then it would be much easier to choose the spirit of the contract.

UPDATE: I guess Luskin is in a post-vacation slump. He links us to this, when he should have also linked to this. But I'll still keep him at the top of my bookmark list.

UPDATE: Based on the nameless commentor on this post (and I appreciate your comments), I did a search at the DoD site I also did Google and searches for "Department of Defense" + "North Korea" + "missile" + "test", but did not find any confirmation of a missile leaving NK airspace. So, while I accept that an NK missile did leave airspace, that has not been confirmed as far as I can find. Perhaps the Nameless Commenter could provide a link to the DoD confirm? Or just a DoD suggestion, even?

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