Thursday, July 27, 2006

Light banter in the Pit: Landis, Enron, and Aunt Millie

mcwombat: what happens if landis loses tour win? how does ts handle?
mcwombat: probably already discussed, i missed it
AlanBStard: mcwombat: Usually the contract terms preclude any future revisions to the result.
mcwombat: good enough, don't how else they could remedy..thanks
caveatBettor: i want my money back for those $20 Enron shares
caveatBettor: oops $15
mcwombat: landis worked for enron?
AlanBStard: cB: You were Aunt Millie???
caveatBettor: maybe ...
AlanBStard: (Yes, I know, Aunt Millie was supposed to be a California electic customer, but I still feel it is a relevant inquiry.)
caveatBettor: aunt millie was done in by her state legislators for price fixing laws
caveatBettor: it is amazing that businesses cannot price fix but the govt can

Pit has been quiet today. Come visit if you get a chance.

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