Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Friends of Tradesports

Frankly, anyone who pays a 4 cent contract expiry fee to TS is already a supporter of TS. But it might be worth noting some of TS's friends of noble stature. I'll be adding to this list in the future:

1. Steven D. Levitt, U Chicago econ prof. He blogs about TS in great detail, with some recent examples such as the World Cup and the Fed Reserve Governor. Leavitt is the co-author of the bestseller Freakonomics and a John Clark Bates Medal award (MVP of economists under 40) winner.

2. Gary Becker, U Chicago econ prof and Nobel laureate; and Richard Posner, U Chicago law school prof and Federal justice. They are, obviously, among the highest regarded in their respective fields, and both promote the benefits of legalized internet gambling on their blog.

4. Justin Wolfers, Wharton business prof. He has amassed a volumnious stack of research on information, political and sports markets, as seen on his home page. Here are some great quotes on Tradesports and CEO John Delaney from a Salon interview, summing up the value of markets in his view--less bias.

5. Robin Hanson, GMU econ prof. He is among the leading theorists studying the accuracy and efficiency of predictive information markets. A nice brief of his ideas, which align with TS, can be found here (via Eric Crampton).

6. Barney Frank, Rep. from MA. His statement to Congress advocates for freer markets and less government intervention. He even quotes von Mises and Hayek, which should shame RINOs in the House. (Via Instapundit).

7. Jeffrey Alan Miron, Harvard econ prof. He has outlined his Nine Negative Consequences of Government Intervention, and is in process of drilling down on each one. (via Don Luskin)

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