Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I am removing my link to Raw Story

My good friend in the Pit, sellSELLsell, referred me to this Drudge news alternative, and I thought it would be good for balance on the blog. But the headline "Frist family firm sold for $21.3b" for this story is inaccurate, as HCA is a publicly traded company where 350 of 387 million shares are floated for public ownership.

This blog has a bias, in advocating for more interest and trading liquidity at TS. That is why I hit the Republican party here, where it is acting against the purpose of this blog. In everything else, I hope the blog is accurate and balanced and conflict-free as much as possible.

And sellSELLsell, please continue your valuable input. Perhaps we can find alternatives together to maintain and improve the balance of this site.

UPDATE: Turns out sellSELLsell has a great website, shining a bright light on money for the needy.

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