Thursday, April 22, 2010

Running to stand still

Posting will be lighter for the next week or so folks.

Here's the skinny: I found out yesterday that my 5 year old won't be able to go to my 9 year old's elementary school (city wide, rigorous testing). She is also not able to go her local zoned school 2 blocks away (overpopulation since 9/11 downtown, wait-listed). But she does qualify for several good programs 20-100 blocks away (the borders of Brooklyn and New Jersey are closer than many of these locations). So I've got 5 business days to tour these schools (not to mention hold my job down, and shepherd some major bylaws changes for the nonprofit on whose board I sit).

And I get to pay about 12-14% in state and city income taxes for this privilege (on top of moderate property and pretty high sales taxes).

Connecticut, you're looking better every day.

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