Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Model European universal healthcare

... when the London Sun says it has pictures that are too shocking to publish, you can take it to the bank that it is shocking.

And so it will not publish photos of the final hours of Clara Stokes, 84, as she lay dying in a National Health service hospital following her stroke in December.

In 2008, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown honored Mrs. Stokes for her work as a Land Girl during World War II. The Women’s Land Army was a civilian organization that helped on the homefront.

The vet died in conditions that were “not fit for dogs,” her daughter said. She said her mother was “ignored by overworked nurses who left her dehydrated, hungry and lying in her own feces for up to six hours. She took a series of sickening pictures to record the neglect on the ward — but they are too disturbing to publish. Clara is pictured lying helpless and confused in filth with her foot trapped in the bedstead. Elle and her daughter Michelle Plaford, 37, also found water placed out of her reach and said no staff had helped her drink for up to 16 hours.”

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