Friday, April 23, 2010

In Bill We Trust

Well, when it comes to football, anyways.

My fellow Patriots fans do not seem thrilled about first round pick Devin McCourty. Here's the comment I left at Christopher Price's place:
I'd bet good money that the Patriots really didn't want to pick a first rounder, because they could have saved $9 million in guaranteed money (that's from 2008 NFL Player's Association data) between an average first round vs. second round pick. But I think it's harder for teams to take the other side of Belichick's trades (just like it's hard for anyone to take the opposite side of Goldman/Paulson). So, Belichick took the best value in the market--just like he did with the Cassel/Vrabel trade.

Anyone who's followed the Patriots draft data knows that we like to draft in the second round. And frankly, since Asante left--and he tackles like Jeter plays defense--our secondary could actually use a first round CB. The fact that McCourty values special teams shows that he is probably a better fit for the Pats than the typical DB meathead.

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