Thursday, April 08, 2010

Intel's strategy leaves it out cold with the iPad

Steve Cheney has the analysis:

2005: Mini coup for Intel - Apple announces it will abandon PowerPC and adopts Intel across its entire MacBook line. This will go down as the apex of Intel’s reign in computing, as x86 processors own almost every server, desktop, and laptop.

2006: Intel exhibits a level of hubris that is shocking in hindsight—they exit the mobile phone market entirely, selling off a successful ARM processor business (called XScale) to Marvell Semiconductor. XScale had mindshare, scale and design wins, but Intel gave up. Why focus on these PDA/toys when we can win computers?

2007: The iPhone dawns a new age in mobile computing. Following its startling success, Intel restarts a ‘low-power’ (mobile) device strategy, only this time they take laptop technology (x86), strip it down, and design ‘Atom’. Atom has since come to dominate Netbooks. But Atom has zero market share in cell phones. Once again for emphasis. Zero.

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