Monday, October 08, 2007

Not one BUT TWO consensus(es?) on climate science

There seems to be more than one consensus on global warming, if that's even possible. (I thought not, by definition).

A claim for scientific consensus on global cooling found here (via Steve Conover) which I had not heard, but had thought about, given my reading as a kid about multiple ice ages:
[Narrator:] Our first major challenge will be the climate at the start of the 21st century. We may worry about global warming, but most scientists recognize that we are in a gap between ice ages. Our whole civilization has occurred in a brief warm period, ten thousand years so far. This warmth has proved crucial...

Even if our industrial economies effect a global warming over the next couple of centuries, it can do no more than delay the inevitable.

[Dr. McMenamin:] The New York area is going to be completely changed by the next cycle of glaciation, and at some point glaciers are going to move down and grind New York into the North Atlantic ocean.

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