Friday, October 19, 2007

Kling tipping his cap to Rodrik is like Solow saluting Schumpeter

But sometimes it happens. Fat tails in econ blogging, I guess.
Kling: I favor limited government.

Rodrik: I favor right-sized, adaptive government. Government must select policies and regulations that take into account local history and conditions. Government must experiment and correct its own mistakes.

Kling: Adaptive government is an oxymoron. In reality, you never observe adaptive government.

Rodrik: The same could be said of limited government.

Kling: [burble]
UPDATE: Steve Conover stumps for Robert Reich. Definitely smelling the leptokurtosis--I never knew I shared so much with our former Labor Sec'y:

Read the following sample of ideas excerpted from his lecture and his book—then guess whether he has been pigeonholed as a "conservative" or a "liberal" by the media.

• The corporate income tax should be eliminated.

• The biggest step toward solving the illegal immigration problem would be to eliminate all agriculture subsidies.

• Corporations are not evil—and that includes Wal-Mart.

• Our energy future will require "going nuclear" in a big way.

• We should be skeptical of any politician who blames a corporation for doing something that isn't illegal.

• Punitive fines that would cripple or destroy a company should not be allowed.

Solow reference to Schumpeter is here.

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