Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sad news: Mark Haines, CNBC anchor, has passed away

My condolences to his family.  I liked his style, wit, intelligence and honesty.  He seemed to love his family and to work really well with colleagues.

His and Erin Burnett's 9-11am Squawk On The Street was my favorite CNBC timeslot over the past many years.

Photo link here.

UPDATE:  Jim Cramer making sense, saying about Haines:
He was our Sevareid, our Cronkite, our David Brinkley.
I'm thinking, yeah, that's about right.

UPDATE:  Dick Grasso, former NYSE president, compares Haines' breaking 9/11 coverage to Cronkite's reporting of the Kennedy assassination.

UPDATE:  By corroborated accounts, Haines called the Nasdaq 100 top in 2000 and the Great Recession bottom in 2009.  I think its fitting that Alan Greenspan called CNBC this afternoon to send in his sympathies.  Before today, I had not realized that Haines invented the Greenspan Briefcase Indicator.  The best anecdote, that I've heard repeated, is how an editorial manager (Bruno Cohen?) chewed Mark out for wearing a helmet on the air, and then Jack Welch (then CEO of GE, which is the parent company of CNBC) said it was the greatest thing he'd ever seen on air.  That was the license Haines needed, and he never looked back.  Sometimes, the genius of corporate executives lies in the genius that works for them.

UPDATE:  Ron Insana pays another high compliment:
He was our Chris Berman.

I think Mark Haines did ... go ... all ... the ... way!

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