Tuesday, May 17, 2011


First DSK, now Ahnuld. What's going on?

I think a Darwinist would have to conclude everything is as it should be; nothing new or surprising to see here.

Gloria Steinem would probably complain about whoever she did not have influence over, and give guys who owed her (e.g. Bill Clinton) a pass.

Maybe its time to bring Jesus back into the conversation. He'd say adultery is not cool.  I'm thinking a lot of kids caught in the middle of their parents' conflict would agree.

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UPDATE: France has their situational feminists, too. Apparently, they stop advocating for women when the perp is a Socialist party star:
... the real national embarrassment for France is the response of its elites.

First came the two-faced appeals to the sacred "presumption of innocence" by French politicians on both sides of the aisle. DSK rival and self-proclaimed women's advocate Ségolène Royal extended her thoughts to DSK and his family for going through a very hard time, but did not have a word for the maid, for whom one suspects the past few days haven't been all roses.

The "presumption of innocence" was turned into a presumption of culpability of the accuser. Much ink was poured over how awful it is for DSK. And since DSK must be presumed innocent, not a word was spared to worry about the maid and her family, who are going through a hard time.

To the rescue came repeated fraudster and Roman Polanski defender Bernard-Henri Lévy (with friends like these, who needs enemies, Dominique?) who was shocked, shocked that in America "anyone can come along and accuse another fellow of any crime" (mon Dieu!), and suggests that DSK shouldn't be treated that way because, well, he's a very important man.

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