Monday, May 23, 2011

Quotes of the day

Politicians—you may have noticed—tend to adopt a flexible point of view aimed more at getting votes than rigidly sticking to a preconceived view of the world.--John Carney

President Obama, I voted for an idea. What I didn’t realize what I was getting was an idealist. If you’ve never been to the moon, you can’t issue policy about the moon. You have no ... idea what it’s like on the moon. For a president to be sitting in Washington, D.C., and saying, “Go back to your 67 borders in Israel,” how about you live there and try to defend an indefensible border nine miles wide? On one side you’ve got hundreds of millions of people who hate your guts, on the other side you’ve got the Mediterranean. Unless you control, in Israel, unless you control those Golan Heights, it’s an indefensible position. It’s a nice idea, when you grow up you find out that life isn’t the way you imagined it, and President Obama means well. I think he’s actually a good guy. He has no ... idea what the world is like because he doesn’t have to live there.--Gene Simmons

President Obama's re-election campaign is trying to dig up dirt in the Garden State. ... The Obama campaign is trying to keep its efforts from public view, concerned they would only elevate Christie's already impressive standing within the Republican Party, sources said.--JOSH MARGOLIN

... as we have all seen throughout his campaign and his presidency, President Obama talks the talk, but he has yet to walk the walk. We have heard him talk a great deal about the importance of small business and his intention to help small business and it all sounds great; but we have yet to see any action. In fact, if anything, most of the policy he has put forth over the last two years has actually hurt small businesses. Businesses haven’t been sitting on revenues because they want to, it’s because they are nervous about the uncertainty that this Administration has created. This is the most anti-business Administration ever--House Small Business Committee Chairman Sam Graves

When George W. Bush was President, the Patriot Act became part of the liberal conspiracy theory that Republicans were engaged in a lawless crusade to turn the U.S. into a police state. But the Patriot Act can now join Guantanamo, military commissions, unlimited detention, drone strikes, the state secrets doctrine and Middle Eastern democracy as Bush policies that Mr. Obama has embraced one way or another.--Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

... Liberty paid just $12,500 for preferred stock in Sirius XM. At the end of the March quarter, those preferred shares had a market value of nearly $4.3 billion. It’s hard to think of an investment made anywhere, anytime that turned out better.--Shira Ovide

We don't know a lot about 2013. We know that Donald Trump will not be President of the U.S. -- Arnold Schwarzenegger won't either. We know that Apple will release a new iPad that will look cool and cost a lot of money but only be available in theory. We know that the loud guy sitting behind me at the airport who is on the phone begging for a first class upgrade will still be talking. And we know that the New York Yankees have about $150 million in payroll obligations to eight players ... all of those players on the wrong side of 30, and at an average age of 34.--Joe Posnanski

The biggest threat to natural monopolies comes, not from a competitor, but from innovation. As a result, these standards can be far more vulnerable than we realize. That’s why I’m so suspicious of the elevated price for LinkedIn.--Eddy Elfenbein

I listened to [Robert] Kraft, and I don't agree with the Patriots on a lot of things, but I agree with him that we're on the verge of really irritating our fan base and damaging the fabric of the game.--Bart Scott, New Jersey Jets linebacker

Being players and growing up and not having much and the fact that we're squabbling about money is kind of ridiculous to me," he said. "I came into this league ... I probably made more money than I thought I ever would in a lifetime. Everything from here is just icing on the cake. Hopefully, we get something fair done and we get to a point where we can play football.--Wes Welker
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