Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sad news: Intrade/Tradesports founder John Delaney has died

John Delaney, 41, from Ireland, has collapsed less than 50m from the top. He left for the expedition on April 9 and was due back in Ireland at the end of this month. His body will remain where he died.--Chris Masse

He was 42, climbing Mount Everest (more here), and he was best known for his role in running InTrade.com.  He was also an MR reader and sometimes he wrote to me.  He will be missed.  His wife is pregnant with another child but did not have the chance to tell him before he died.--Tyler Cowen
I would not have even started this blog (this is the 4,854th post) had I not opened a Tradesports account, learned about prediction markets, and enjoyed great chats in the trading pit with other traders. John wrote the kings of blogosphere like Tyler, but also he corresponded with small fry like me. My sympathies go out to his family, and I hope that I can carry the torch--for discovering greater truth through prediction markets--for another mile or two until my time comes.

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