Monday, November 15, 2010

Forget about poker, bridge, and backgammon for correlating with success on Wall Street

The operative game is now fantasy football:
[Stanley Druckenmiller] and [Raj] Rajaratnam, founder of hedge-fund firm Galleon Group, spoke frequently because they were in a fantasy football league together, which also included high-profile hedge-fund names like Paul Tudor Jones and Jim Pallotta [of Raptor Capital].
In somewhat related news, my fantasy teams are doing well.  I could be taking first place in the 14-team league after tonight's game (3rd in points), and first in points in the 12-team league (3rd in rankings).  A lot of this had to do with picking up Peyton Hillis after Week 1 (and taking a lot of good natured ribbing on allocating a ball carrier who is white).

Hey, I've only had 4 down months in the last 24. (And no, my benchmark ain't zero).

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