Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How surfing is like investing

I've never surfed, but I really liked this:
* Know exactly how to exit before you enter.
* Being in the right spot is more important than the size of the wave.
* The waves you let go are more important than the wave you catch.
* If you miss a wave be sure that another will come behind it.
* Stay out of the water when wild amateurs are present.
* Avoid crowded take offs.
* Don't panic in a wipeout and don't fight the current.
* Success is achieved by taking risk, not avoiding risk.
* Push too hard and you get hurt - don't push hard enough and you can get hurt even worse.
* Get in the water yourself to evaluate the current by instinct - the height and direction of the swell, the wind, the tide, the temperature, the coral reef bottoms, the peak, the trough, the time between sets and the position - data without experience will deaden your senses.
* Know where the "impact zone" is and how to stay out of it.
* Humility trumps arrogance.
* You need to be in condition for the worst circumstance in the worst situation not the best circumstance of the best situation.
* A successful outing is being able to surf another day.

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