Friday, October 29, 2010

Quotes of the day: Minnesota Vikings head coach version

What did [Brad Childress] say about Belichick this week? Literally within a 24-hour span, he questioned the officials, he revealed the NFL told him he was right, he threw his quarterback under the bus, and he called out one of the greatest coaches in NFL history this past week, the week before he was playing him. So the man who made all those decisions, is making the decision who he’s going to play at quarterback.  ... You wonder if sometimes now if Randy Moss has to be thinking in his most honest moments if maybe that was a better situation. Not that he wanted to be traded, although he was certainly open to the idea of it. I think he wanted to play with Favre, but again, there’s nothing worse than going through a season where your team is losing and you’re struggling and you’re on the brink. That makes work an unpleasant experience. They’re winning right now in Foxboro, and they’re playing very well. And it’s looking like it’s going to be a very good season.--Adam Schefter

I don't put any stock in [Childress'] reports. They don't know [who will be playing quarterback]. We'll prepare for all the players, the ones that play we'll try to defend. The ones that don't, we won't. It's fairly straight forward. Those are the same media reports that said Terrell Owens wasn't going to play in the Super Bowl. Those are the [reports] that you're talking about?--Bill Belichick

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