Monday, October 04, 2010

A bit of history tonight

The New England Patriots are the first NFL team to ever score touchdowns passing, rushing, on an interception, kickoff, and on a blocked field goal. In the same game.

Yeah, baby.

Photo link here.

UPDATE: Here's an article from 2005 looking at the emphasis and culture that Coach Belichick has built around special teams, where he exposes his starters to more fatigue and injury risk.

... we had the greatest team effort I’ve been part of in my 10-year career.--Alge Crumpler

UPDATE: Also, Tom Brady gets 100 wins faster than any other QB in NFL history. I will concede to my favorite management consultant that a lot of those wins came off the backs of a Seymour/McGinest/Bruschi/Vrabel/Law/Harrison/etc. Belichick series of defenses.

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