Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quotes of the day

It's like watching Jeter morph into A-Rod.--Curly Haired Boyfriend, on Tom Brady

Just don't make God look bad.--Alexandra Pelosi

There are two groups of people who like to be photographed with children: dictators and aid officials.--David Rieff

The communion between reviewer and his public is based upon the presumption of certain possible joys in reading, and all our discriminations should curve toward that end.--John Updike

They had better pass the stimulus bill quickly, before more people read it.--Arnold Kling

I have said many times that while there may be a social purpose in promoting home ownership, it is far from clear that there is a social purpose in promoting mortgage indebtedness. If you're increasing the supply of mortgage credit, you're reducing the supply of credit elsewhere in the economy. It's not clear that we should be aiming for that.--Arnold Kling

One final irony is that the global depression Mr. Obama will spend his administration fighting likely will produce decreases in CO2 output and energy consumption beyond the wildest dreams of the interns who drew up his campaign promises. Mr. Obama will devoutly wish it wasn't so.--WSJ Editorial Board

The irony now is obvious: George W. Bush as a force for emancipation in Muslim lands, and Barack Hussein Obama as a messenger of the old, settled ways. Thus the "parochial" man takes abroad a message that Muslims and Arabs did not have tyranny in their DNA, and the man with Muslim and Kenyan and Indonesian fragments in his very life and identity is signaling an acceptance of the established order.--Fouad Ajami

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