Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quotes of the day

We fiercely debate domestic spending bills that waste affluent taxpayers’ money with a few millions on a bridge to nowhere, so why should we be NICE when the head of the world’s premier aid agency outlines virtually zero accountability for helping the world’s poorest people?--William Easterly

But the Democrats are still insufficiently ashamed of the work they have done for so many years before that and, in the case of many, even after, on behalf of the unions and the ed schools and against the kids. I gather that the spectacularly gifted and dedicated young teachers that Whitman and Mathews describe are unaware of this or untroubled by it. But perhaps one should just be satisfied that so much brilliant and pioneering work has been done—even if those who have worked so hard to feather their own nests and, effectively, have prevented inner city kids from learning don't get their due.--Michael Barone

Like the Bible or the Constitution, a CBO report can apparently mean lots of things to lots of people.--Conor Clarke

The sad truth is that we economists don't know very much about what drives the animal spirits of economic participants. Until we figure it out, it is best to be suspicious of any policy whose benefits are supposed to work through the amorphous channel of "confidence."--Greg Mankiw

U.S. farm programs cost taxpayers billions each year, significantly raise the price of commodities such as sugar (which is protected from competition from other producers in other countries), undermine world trade agreements, and contribute to the suffering of poor farmers around the world. It’s bad public policy, especially in these troubled economic times.--Reason's Hit and Run

No one has pleaded as earnestly for Congress to pass a Colombia free-trade pact as Caterpillar. Now, with earnings down and 20,000 American jobs to be lost, it's obvious why. Trade would have cushioned this blow.--IBD Editorial Board

Had [Timothy Geithner] not been nominated for Treasury Secretary, it’s doubtful that he would have ever paid these taxes.--Senator Robert Byrd

Bush wanted transcripts online because he expected the press to filter what he said. Obama doesn’t want transcripts online . . . because he expects the press to filter what he says.--Glenn Reynolds

[Kurt] Warner's teams have reached the Super Bowl every time he started all 16 regular-season games. That tells you Warner can be a great quarterback when he's healthy enough to play a full season.--Mike Sando

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