Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Political Opportunity Yielding Economic Capital

With President Bush set to address the nation tonight, a clear and decisive front runner will emerge to win the GOP 2008 nomination. That man is John McCain. While McCain is already the TS frontrunner (last I saw trading near 50 for the GOP nom), he is one of the Big 3 so to speak (Romney and Guliani being the other two). The reasoning behind my conclusion is this: McCain has been advocating for quite a time now to increase troop presence to restore order in Iraq (which Bush will do tonight- an est 21,500) and will now be looked to for further foreign policy direction on both sides of the aisle. The Long War will be America's #1 priority 2008 and McCain will have already become the transitionary leader to take over Bush's reigns. McCain has earned that position due to trust, the people know where he has stood on Iraq and has not wavered. Romney and Guliani blew any opportunity they had today with Romney's "I'm just a Governor" line and Guliani's non-answer. Barring an Iraq catastrophe, McCain should win easy. It doesn't hurt that the GOP primaries have historically been a formality for the frontrunner.

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