Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Initial thoughts

Part of me is upset that there is added division. I was once very hopeful that this unjust law was something that we could successfully fight. That we did not have to create alternate means to continue doing what we are doing. I also believe that there is a correlation between a larger division between sports traders and non-sports traders, and harming our overall cause to do with our money as we wish so long as we harm no one. That side of me is very upset to see that TS has decided otherwise.

The other part sees the logic. Moving from non-sports to sports accounts should be no problem, and legal attacks on the non-sports accounts should be no problem. It is obviously the sports accounts that we are keeping out eyes on. So if the US law forbids US financial institutions from depositing money into sports accounts, who is to stop an Irish financial institution (in this case the non-sports network) from moving money into a sports account (tradesports).

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