Tuesday, January 16, 2007

17 Straight Winners.....

That's right you heard it here! Mr. Bonds has put together a great team that has already hit 17 straight winners. With a record of 20-5-1 Isn't that just incredible. Not only that, Mr. Bonds it's trying to get some experts on his team. If you guys think you're good sign up with Pregame and show e'm your stuff, and you might be added to the Team. Check out below, just a little taste of what they're picking today. And what it looks like at the forum. Below is a post copied from the forum by Jeff Bonds. I WILL BE POSTING THEIR PICKS IN MY OTHER BLOG. www.pregameconsensus.blogspot.com and every once in a while i'll be posting here but check it out these guys are on fire.

17 Straight Winning Selections - Simply Incredible

I'd like to thank all the cappers for taking to this concept and I absolutely chose the right team. Just remember cappers to stay within your conference or region because that was the main purpose of this thread - Cap games like an expert in your area

Forum members: Let them know that you appreciate their efforts by posting in the thread - Every one of them deserves a thank you for their hard work and dedication to the forums!

Team Pregame CBB RECORD: 20-5-1

Jeff Bonds: BIG SKY, PAC-10
Bookie Spanker: WEST COAST
Dommylocks: A-10
Esams: SEC
Hizz Honor: SWINGMAN
Jason Richardson: C-USA UAB +14
Jughead: SEC KENTUCKY -7
Mark Greene: MAC
NBA Powerplays: M. VALLEY
Redneck: BIG 10
Soonerfan: OV, HORIZON, BIG 12

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