Thursday, January 04, 2007

Easy Money

If you want easy money from your friends or family next year during bowl season, all one must do is get everyone to pitch in a fixed sum of money and have a pool to pick every winner for each bowl game. This is the second time I have participated in this particular pool (I can't remember how I did last year), and I am currently in first place with 21 games out of the 29 games played picked correctly (72%). Ok, one must rhetorically ask, how is this easy money? Well, if you picked a straight card of all Vegas favs, you would have picked 20 games (69%) and tied for 2nd place in my pool. That is almost guaranteed money by playing against the public, use your skills to pick an upset here and there and you are golden. Let me just show you how well the average joe in my pool did: (names omitted)
21 correct (72%) - 1 (me)
20 correct (69%) - 2 (gets some money)
19 correct (66%) - 3
18 correct (62%) - 3
17 correct (59%) - 3
16 correct (55%) - 6
15 correct (52%) - 7
14 correct (48%) - 3
12 correct (34%) - 1
8 correct (28%) - 1 (gets his/her money back)
TOTAL - 30
Interesting to see how this plays out next year and how the last 3 games turn out. One might ask how to use this to his advantage come March Madness time, unfortunately this technique may only be useful for the first round (assuming you have to submit fully completed brackets ahead of time)

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