Saturday, December 16, 2006

NFL Dallas @ Atlanta

Bushwhacked Two teams that both lost their last home games to the New Orleans Saints meet this week in a Saturday night edition of NFL Football. The Atlanta Falcons, 7-6 on the year and winners of two straight on the road, play host to the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys were run over by Reggie Bush and the Saints Sunday night at home, losing 42-27 as a touchdown choice. That snapped the Cowboys four-game win streak and dropped them to 8-5 on the year. They have won two straight on the road, beating Arizona 27-10 and the N.Y. Giants 23-20. Atlanta's road wins came at the expense of Washington (21-14) and Tampa Bay (17-6) after it dropped four straight including home losses to Cleveland (17-13) and the Saints (31-13).

Dallas: 25-12 ATS off a loss by 14+ points
Atlanta: 6-18 ATS at home off a win by 10+ points

JEDI THOUGHTS: When Dallas loses a game, they come back the next week with a huge win. I don't want to name e'm all but you can look for yourself. Atlanta hasn't won more than 2 consecutive games this season. Alot of injuries on Atlanta, considering Warrick Dunn won't be in the back field with Vick. This is going to be a game that both teams need to win...but the better team will win. Atlanta won their last two games by two teams that won't even make the play offs, Tampa Bay and Washington, both teams are with losing records. JJ and TO will be helping Romo alot today. Dallas is avg 26 points in their last 3 games. Atlanta avg 18 points in their last 3 games...that should tell you a little something. Considering the fact that Atlanta overall avg yards out rushes Dallas by 60 yards. Some of it goes to Dunn, but most of it goes to Vick. If they can contain him, they will have no problem tonight, but even if they if they dont, how much more do you actually think they'll score over their total avg maybe three points more? 3? maybe 6? who knows.

JEDI PICK: Dallas -4

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