Friday, December 08, 2006

History Repeating Itself? Iran vs US

This an absolutely MUST READ provided by Jim Geraghty on his blog TKS over at National Review Online. I never knew this, but in 1987-1988 the US and Iran were in an undeclared naval/air war in the Persian Gulf. The link provided has each account in detail. Absolutely fascinating. Anyone that thinks the Iran situation can be solved through talks is naive. Including those on the panel of the ISG report (Bringing in Syria/Iran for talks!??). And in no way will a Palestinian/Israel peace deal amount to anything. The Palestinian people have been hijacked by their Arab neighbors for political purposes and I know of at least one of those countries kept the original Palestinian land for their own (cough...Jordan...cough) after one of the first Israeli/Arab wars. Bottom line: Look for Russia to continue to expand its influence in the region and try to undermine the United States.

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