Monday, December 11, 2006

NBA Dallas @ Utah

I've been hot at basketball all season. I haven't been posting here because I didn't want to jinx myself. (seems like everytime I post here with my plays, alot seems to go wrong) But I do have another blog which I update DAILY. I've posted the link here before. But if you don't have it i'll post it again after my pick (below) If I get a good read on tonights MNF i'll be sure to post that here also.

Dallas @ Utah

Dallas: 24-7 ATS away after scoring 105+ points
Utah: 14-4 Over after allowing 110+ points

JEDI THOUGHTS: Utah ran into a bump on the road against Minnesota losing by 7; 110-103. But now they're back home against a very hot Dallas team, they just came off a big win at Denver at home, and is now ready to play Utah on the road. Despite the fact that Dallas is 24-7 ATS away after scoring 105+ points is a great ATS record, Utah hasn't loss a game after coming from a 2 day's rest! I believe that Utah has a great advantage at home, and looking to come up big by testing their will to win this game against Dallas. Stackhouse will be out tonight, which is now more in the favor of UTAH! I'll also be playing Chicago Bears on a small play tonight. I won't post it here on caveatbettor till I get a more clear picture of the Bears tonight. But you can check out my other blog for other picks for today.

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