Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quotes of the day

In an establishment like Ditka’s, the namesake is Jehovah: always looked for, seldom found.--Rich Cohen

How did Tom Brady go from Joe Montana to Dave Krieg?--Jeremy Lundblad

You know, each team plays their own defensive scheme against them, whether it’s Buffalo or Kansas City or Pittsburgh or whoever it is. We have our scheme. We’ll take some things from each game that we’ve seen and try to apply it to what we do. We’re not them, they’re not us, we have different players - same thing with Kansas City, Buffalo and all that. There’s certainly a lot to be learned but at the same time, we have our own matchups and we’re different from everybody else.--Bill Belichick

Translation: We're not going to play it the way the Steelers did, but we wouldn't have done that anyway ... Oh, and the Steelers were dumb. ... In basketball parlance, the Steelers packed the paint against someone whose only chance was to hit 3-pointers, which Tebow did.--Tony Massarotti

Mark Twain was as brilliant as Ricky Gervais. People try to give labels and change what it is. But comedy has always been the same.--Eddie Brill
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