Monday, November 07, 2011

Second-order xenophilia, for the soul

here, via Tyler Cowen.  Some of my favorites:

Cigarettes behind the counter in drug stores.

I was startled to find out that "God Save the Queen" has alternate lyrics.

People without passports.

Riding a bike is dangerous and an enterprise, not a mindless means of transport.

Sales tax not being included in the marked price on retail items. Gaah!

The warning at the end of the drug ads is a trip, i.e. may cause incontence, madness, vampirism, zombification, loss of libido, suicidal thoughts, annoyance at flowers etc.

The sheer amount of SPACE there is, outside major cities.

The surfeit of choice is something I find more and more astounding with every trip back. Not only in supermarkets and restaurants, but in bars, expresso bars, bagel and breakfast places.

The price of books. Oh good Lord, the price of books. I cry a little when I remember the low, low, low cost of books.

The volume at which Americans talk.

I really notice the largeness of American bodies ...

Giving credit cards to people with no income.

Man hugs. Woah.

Buy a coffee, have it endlessly refilled for no money.

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