Monday, November 14, 2011

Good Lord, people, get up off your knees and get over yourselves

Charles Pierce writes very, very well. A notable excerpt:
It happens because institutions lie. And today, our major institutions lie because of a culture in which loyalty to "the company," and protection of "the brand" — that noxious business-school shibboleth that turns employees into brainlocked elements of sales and marketing campaigns — trumps conventional morality, traditional ethics, civil liberties, and even adherence to the rule of law. It is better to protect "the brand" than it is to protect free speech, the right to privacy, or even to protect children.


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I am assuming this is a Penn State post?

    If so, I am in agreement, most of the blather out of State College has been "woe me". If the insitution has any value it will survive.

    And to those students claiming to have lost their 2nd father, your real dad that you have actually met is calling and he wants you to get your head out of your collective butt.

    For God's sake, a bronze statue to a man still alive and kicking? Too much, too much idol worship in the living is a bad and dangerous thing.

  2. Yes, I fear that things are going to be deservedly bad for Sandusky and Paterno and Penn St, and teenaged undergraduates will be the last to know. But things are still in discovery, so we need to be watchful to see how the truth is revealed, and not rush to judgment like a journalism major or Nittany Lion.